Corona or what is called Covid-19 nowadays becoming a world disaster. This virus is not only spread in China but around the world. There are some famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona. Here are some famous travel destinations shutting down because of this virus around the world.

1. Borobudur Temple

This temple is located in Indonesia. Coronavirus has spread to Indonesia. It makes one of the famous tourist destinations in this country closed for a while. Tourists can only see the beauty of the temple from the park around the temple.

Indonesia tries to lock down all the tourism place not to mention Borobudur. It’s because Borobuddur becomes one of the most visited destinations in Indonesia. Plus, there are a lot of foreigners come to this place just to enjoy the wonder.

2. Taj Mahal

Another famous travel destination shutting down because of this virus id Taj Mahal. Just like Borobudur, the Taj Mahal is also one of the world’s wonder. The beauty and also the history behind it makes everyone wanting to know more about this place. It’s no wonder that this place is always fulled of the crowd.

Coronavirus also happens in India. This is why the government shuts down the Taj Mahal until the virus has gone. At this time, India is lockdown and some famous places are shut down. The government wants not to add much more corona victims because of crowd interaction.

3. The Great Wall In China

China is where this Coronavirus comes from. It’s no wonder that the Great Wall, one of the famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona. Beijing becomes the forbidden city to limit the spread of Coronavirus. That’s why the tourist destinations around here are shut down.

Chinese authorities have shut down the Great Wall and some other popular tourism destinations. There is still no announcement when this place will be opened again. It’s because China becomes the country having the most cases of coronavirus. Besides, this virus is from Wuhan, China itself.

4. Eiffel Tower

If you plan to go to a romantic place nowadays like the Eiffel Tower, you’d better postpone it. You’ll not only find this virus in Asia but also in Europe. This virus has spread across European countries like France. The government shuts down Eiffel Tower as the most visited destination in France.

Just in case to limit the victims of coronavirus, the government has to do this. Moreover, President Emmanuel Macron said that Coronavirus was the biggest health crisis France had known in a century. While searching for the vaccine, shutting down tourism destinations is one way to limit the victims.

5. Kaaba

Saudi Arabia announces the importance of locking down Medina and Mecca. As a result, these tourist destinations has been closed for a while. To limit the victims of Coronavirus, the Holy place like Kaaba has been closed just to keep it sterile.

As we know that many Muslims around the world used to visit Kaaba for praying. However, the Saudi Arabia authorities have to take action fast. It’s because the spread of this virus in Arab goes rapidly.

Every country has its authority to shut down the travel destinations. On the other hand, if you look closer they have the same method to cope with Coronavirus. A lot of famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona.