Most people are traveling in Summer or Spring. They love to feel warm and the breeze, also see the blooming flowers. But some others prefer to go out in winter because it is out of peak season. That is why, all become cheaper, affordable, and less-crowd. However, the cost is still a consideration when you decide on a destination. Moreover, when you have to face currency conversion. Thus, we are here giving you a list contains places where to go for winter holiday with a tight budget.

Where to go for winter holiday

Before you go further searching the destinations, you should have the right preparation. It is totally different from your planning in summer travel. One thing for sure, you must pack your jacket, gloves, boots, and scarves. While for the skincare, don’t forget to bring a lip balm, moisturizers, and sunscreen. You might be wondering why sunscreen is necessary. In fact, your skin is still possible penetrated by the UV rays. After all these things are available, now it is your turn to know where to go for winter holiday this year:

1. Warsaw, Poland

Everybody agrees that Poland is the cheapest place to go in winter. Historically, the average cost is about $580 for a round-trip from the United States. You can enjoy many things there, such as visiting the Royal garden of Light, ice skating in Old Town Square, sightseeing the city’s illumination, or relaxing in the heated pools at the Wodny Park.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

If you are looking for a not-so-cold place, then Atlanta could be the option. During winter, the flights are very low from the US cities. The temperature is still okay if you want to do outdoor activities, like walking around in the Botanical Garden and Centennial Olympic Park or tasting culinary at James-Beard-caliber resto. Don’t forget to see the beautiful lights on the holiday.

3. Seattle, Washington

Going to Seattle in the winter would be more affordable compared to the other period. Besides, the flight fares are lower, some holiday events are free. Whether you go to family holiday places or shopping spots. They usually have a special festival for this. Also, people love to sit at the bar or coffee shop with the historical ambiance.

4. Austria

While your friends are flying to Chicago, Boston, and the other North American cities, just drop your hearth to Vienna. Create your ski experience in this holiday destination. Austria gives you an affordable price for a trip too. Whether you take a full day trip or not. Surprisingly, the price is included for meals and ticket entrance.

5. Rome

Rome always has a place in everyone’s heart. Not only its historical experience, for art lovers, Rome is also a great place to go. At the same time, you will get the sensation of a modern city, cutting-edge restaurants, and many other stories. Don’t worry about the food, you are still able to enjoy the culinary.

Those are the options of where to go for winter holiday. Remember, the winter trip needs special handling than the others. Especially, when you have a certain condition, such as asthma, and etc. But, however, winter is a lovely moment to get closer to yourself and your beloved people.