Many travel plans are postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. People tend to stay at home and finish their job online. They avoid traveling as possible as they can. It is in line with the government policy to lockdown some places, thus, people can’t freely enter somewhere. However, there are still who need to fly or drive to another place to get done the business. Find out what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus pandemic here.

Besides the passenger is required to do some things, the transportation company also acts health protocol, such as keep the hygiene, body temperature measurement for the staff and passenger, physical distance setting, and of course, a regulation to wear a face mask. Indeed, everything feels stricter since this pandemic went globally. Traveling won’t be the same anymore, so below is what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus situation:

1. Online Check-in

If you have to fly somewhere, use the online check-in feature. It helps you to minimize physical contact with others. Also, it is easier and quicker to get things done. You shouldn’t stand in the line and waiting for the boarding pass. Since everything is digital, online check-in simplifies and protects your trip in this pandemic situation.

2. Exact Plan

It is fun to be random when we are traveling. But that was a long time ago before the coronavirus outbreak happens. Now you can’t get lost in the destination. Before arriving there, you have to plan your trip. What things to do, what time to finish a meeting, where to eat, and many more. The faster you finish your business is better.

3. Backup Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer

As we mentioned before that wearing a face mask is one of the requirements. If you plan to travel for more than one day, you need to bring many masks. Spare one mask for each day. So, for two days business trip should have at least four or five face masks. Don’t use one mask for the whole day. Change it after six up to eight hours use.

4. Vitamin

In this situation, it is important to keep your immune in good level. Bring the vitamins wherever you go. Sickness doesn’t see whether you do an urgent business or just accompany your spouse. Also, don’t forget the medicine if you have a special condition, such as asthma or others.

5. Tumblr or Water Bottle

Not many people think about this stuff. But, actually, it is vital to your health protection and trip convenience. In the middle of the coronavirus issue, you have to keep your personal thing. Never share anything with people, for example, a water bottle. Instead of cleaning the glass, it is more secure to use your own.

Actually, there are still things about what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus. Because in this emergency situation, you have to prepare everything very well. We might give you an additional tip which is the contact list. Check your phone and make sure all the important people are there. The reason why you have to easily contact them because you never what happen in your destination during this pandemic.