For those who are searching for a cultural destination to spend the holiday, visiting the Czech Republic is a nice choice. When it is summer it is not too hot, while it is winter it is not too cold. It just has the perfect weather to spend outdoor. There are many cities that people could enjoy. One of the most famous cities that people often visit in Prague. There are many exciting things about what to do in Prague for a holiday.

what to do in prague

Since there are many activities here, visitors might be confused about deciding where and what to do in Prague. Not only it has many cultural and historical places, but also visitors could enjoy the city view with delicious foods. To know more about the best destinations and activities in Prague, here the most favorite things to do.

1. Visit the Infant Jesus of Prague

One of the most-have-to-do things in Prague is to visit the Infant Jesus. Not only is it a destination for Catholic activity but also for tourist activities as well. People believe that visiting and praying here would make the dreams and hopes come true. However, for those who are not catholic, could still explore the church that has beautiful architecture and historical places.

2. Explore Prague’s Old Town Square

Another thing about what to do in Prague is to explore Prague’s Old Town Square. Visitors could do many things here. Starting for exploring down the streets, try the traditional foods from the restaurants, and also admiring the buildings. There are many things to offer in Old Town Square. Moreover, there are various merchants, musicians, and street performers as well.

3. Going across the Charles Bridge

The next thing visitors must do while in Prague is going across the Charles Bridge. A simple walk through the bridge is memorable and relaxing. The bridge has a beautiful view of the city with a clean river below it. In the past, the bridge was once destroyed by the flood. However, in 1390 Charles IV has rebuilt the bridge again and it is still remaining until now.

4. Enjoy the Prague Castle

Prague Castle is also an activity on what to do in Prague. Visitors would need to pay a ticket for entering this place. However, if visitors only go to the ground part of the castle, it is still free. Every day it has a long line of the queue because people from around the world wanted to see the breath-taking castle.

5. Explore the KGB Museum

Besides the beautiful architecture, there are also several museums that tourists could visit. One of the museums that people should visit and explore is the KGB Museum. Even though it might look small but inside it has many memorable things related to Soviet Union’s polices secrets. Starting from the secret weapons, interrogation equipment, and also spy cameras.

Spending time in Prague is a great thing to do. Not only there are a lot of places that people could visit. But also there are many things about what to do in Prague. Make sure to prepare the vacation well and check the weather prediction as well.