If you are a Korean lover, you will be familiar with this city, Busan. Busan is one of the beautiful places in Korea. Even Korea has many beautiful places, Busan is still being a great place to spend a holiday. If you have two days in this beautiful city, can you wonder what to do in Busan for 2 days? I guess that many things we can do in this city. However, we will confuse about how to decide the place that we should visit in Busan. Of course, we will choose the most beautiful and famous places in Busan. Thus, you need some inspiration like the following information.

1. Visiting The Biggest Seafood Market in Korea, Jagalchi Fish Market

There many interesting things which we can see and visit in Busan like the Jagalchi Market. Jagalchi Market is the biggest market of seafood in Korea. We can find any kind of fish with many sizes in this market. This market divided into two parts, inside and outside the market. The inside market is the market building while the outside is the street seller. It is very interesting to visit this market even we just look around and buy nothing. Besides the market, there is a restaurant that sells fish from the Jagalchi Market. You will enjoy the fresh fish in this restaurant.

2. Entertain Yourself in Lotte Department Store Sky Garden

Located next to the Jagalchi Market, the Lotte Department Store is the second biggest department store in Busan. If you wonder about what to do in Busan for 2 days, you must try to visit this department store. It provides a big indoor musical water fountain, great shopping place, sky garden, entertainment facilities, and other interesting places. By visiting the Lotte Department Store, you like visiting the whole area of the city. You will find farm animals, gardens, coffee shops, and others.

3. Having Nature Activities in Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower

If you want to see nature in Busan, you might visit Yongdusan Park in Busan. Indeed, this place provides the panorama of the whole Busan from the top of the mountain. Moreover, you will also see the panorama of the sea in Busan. Nearby Yongdusan Park, there is a Busan Tower which is the best place in Busan. Busan Tower has a wonderful panorama, especially at night. You must visit this place as long as stay in Busan.

4. Visiting Bosu-dong Book Street

If you have read as your hobby, you must visit Bosu-dong Book Street while in Busan. This place is an interesting place for reading any kind of book. There are many coffee stores that provide any kind of book to read in Bosu-dong. Not only the coffee shop, but you might also see the book stores. Therefore, it is easy for you whether you want to buy a book or just read the book in the coffee shop.

Those places can be the best option for what to do in Busan for 2 days. You will not feel bored in Busan eve you spend many days. You will get your nice holiday as long as in Busan.