Austin is quite famous as a place for hiking. There, you will find a lot of hiking trails. Do not be surprised for the hiking trails in Austin that have stunning beautiful scenery. While hiking you can refresh your brain by enjoying mother nature. So, behold of the best hiking trail in Austin and let’s explore them.

1. River Place Nature Trail

Do you want to work up your adrenaline? Then let’s go hike to River Place. As one of the best hiking trail in Austin, River Place will live up to your expectations. This place has many challenges that will make your adrenaline goes up. You will find three trails when hikes to River Place. And there are different challenges that await you in each trail.

The first one is the fern trail with a waterfall on it. After clear on the fern trail, you will find the Canyon trail with a set of steps. This leads you to some rock formation and some scattered benches where you can breathe. The last one is the Panther Hollow. You will have to struggle in the upper part. But no worries for the lower part has more relaxing vibes which are good to cool down your body.

2. Violet Crown Trail

While hiking, it’s good to enjoy the scenery of surrounding. And in Violet Crown Trail you will get both of them. Before arriving in this trail, you need to pass a wildflower center. What makes this trail worth to hike is the length of this trail. Violet Crown is known as the longest trail to be in Central Texas. And also the oldest trail in Texas. So, if you want to know how the oldest trail looks like just go to Violet Crown.

3. Turkey Creek Trail

Turkey Creek Trail is located in Emma Long Metropolitan Park. If you like hiking but not too fond of challenge, then this trail is right for you. It has moderate in difficulty, so even if you don’t have any experience you still hike just fine. 

Turkey Creek Trail also has additional side trail to explore. If you find yourself get lost, just venture the trail. When you decide to hike this trail do not forget to bring water shoes because you will find some stream that crosses each other.

4. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

Are you looking for the best hiking trail in Austin? And especially the long one? Then go to Southern Walnut Creek Trail. It has 7.7 miles long and also has fully paved. This trail is good not only for hiking but also for biking as its width is quite vast for about 10 feet.

Southern Walnut Creek Trail is also friendly to the nature lovers. There you will witness many beautiful greenery. But be careful with arthropod as there are many kinds of them.

For a long time, Austin is famous for its hiking place. There are many spots that you can use to hike. But, if you want to hike with satisfaction feeling just go to the best hiking trail in Austin. There, you will not only hike but also enjoy the marvelous view of the trail.