Bali is an island with a million charms in the country of Indonesia. Its natural beauty attracts tourists to visit places in Bali, one of which is Seminyak. When visiting Bali, it won’t be perfect without exploring the culinary there. The following are some cheap restaurant in Seminyak Bali.

Cheap restaurant in seminyak bali

1. Nalu Bowls

The first restaurant is suitable for tourists who like to enjoy healthy food. This place is located on Drupadi 1 2A street, precisely in Seminyak Village, Kuta District, Legian Regency. Nalu Bowls is a cheap restaurant that serves healthy food in the form of smoothies as well as a variety of toping variants.

The favorite menu in this place is J-bay which contains peanut butter, banana, honey, and soy milk. Nalu Bowls can be an alternative place to eat in Seminyak which is cheap and certainly delicious because the prices start at 3,62 – 4,34 dollars.

2. Made Warung

The next cheap restaurant in Seminyak Bali is Made Warung. This restaurant is on Jalan Raya Seminyak, Legian Bali. This place is considered cheap because the menus only range from 3,62 to 9,4 dollars.

Made Warung which provides Balinese food and various menus. So this place is also very suitable for you to enjoy the holiday atmosphere with family gatherings. While enjoying dishes made stalls you can also enjoy live music.

3. Nanny’s Pavillon

This restaurant can be said to be cheap because the menu prices offered only start from 1,45 to 4,34 dollars. Different from the previous restaurant, this place provides sweet and delicious dessert menus. Of course, this will be useful for tourists who are enjoying a vacation and want to rest for a while.

That way, tourists can enjoy a sweet dessert that will certainly restore your stamina as before. Nanny’s Pavillon is a must-try recommendation place that provides a variety of tasty and delicious dessert menus suitable for relieving thirst and fatigue after a long walk.

4. Bibimbap Korean Restaurant

The next cheap restaurant in Seminyak Bali is the Bibimbap Korean Restaurant. As the name suggests, this restaurant provides a variety of typical ginseng dishes that are tasty but cheap. Food menu prices at the Korean Restaurant Bibimbap start from 2.17 to 4.34 dollars.

At Bibimbap Korean Restaurant you can enjoy Korean-style menus that offer a comfortable place and of course with a good taste of Korean cuisine because the owner is from Korea. That way, tourists who come from Korea or are happy with Asian food can come to the restaurant.

5. Bale Udang Mang Engking

Bale Udang Mang Engking is a restaurant in Kuta that is suitable for shrimp lovers. This favorite restaurant of domestic tourists offers a variety of processed shrimp menus. Besides that the place is comfortable and charming with a design of floating spices on the shores of a beautiful lake that makes you feel at home enjoying the atmosphere at Bale Udang restaurant.

For tourists who want to try can go to Jalan Nakula no. 88, Sunset Road. In addition, most menus are very cheap, ranging from 2.17 to 10.84 dollars.

That was some cheap restaurant in Seminyak Bali that can be visited when visiting Bali. When traveling to other countries, it does not require a small fee. Therefore, there are many restaurants in Bali that serve good food but at low prices.