Tourists like holidays in winter because in this season tourist attractions tend to look more unique and beautiful. You can also have fun and do lots of things that you can only do in the winter. But, you have to make sure you go to the best places for winter holiday.

This is because you will get an experience that you will never forget during the winter holidays. Especially if you want to celebrate Christmas and the New Year with a very different feel. Here are the recommendations for the best places for winter holiday:

1.     Troms, Norway

The city, which is the capital of the Arctic, is very famous throughout the world. This is because Troms is the most beautiful city, which can be a place to see the aurora. Aurora is a natural phenomenon that emits colorful light that you can only see around the Polar Regions.

There are also several interesting museums, one of which is the Polar Museum, which contains the history of the Arctic expedition. In addition, there is the Troms Museum, which is famous for its Sami exhibits.

2.     Prague, Czech

In winter, the city of Prague will be very beautiful because all the towers and architecture of ancient buildings will be covered in snow. The streetlights in the city center will add to the romantic atmosphere at night.

The cafe here is also ideal for warming yourself in the cold during the winter. You can enjoy the beauty of the Czech city with a glass of warm chocolate. This place is perfect if you are on vacation with a loved one because it has a romantic atmosphere.

3.     Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is one of the best places for winter holiday because you will see many seasonal celebrations here. Especially in December, you will see the most beautiful Christmas market because it has a background of the Alps.

Here also you will be very easy to find cafes, bars, and also a cute boutique hotel. In winter, you can also play sky because here there is a ski lift with a height ranging from 830m to 2,095m.

4.     Munich, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle will look very beautiful in winter because this castle will be covered with snow. In addition, you will also see frozen blue lakes and white forests due to snow.

The location is on a mountain near the village of Hohenschwangau, 120 kilometers from Munich, Germany. King Ludwig II built this castle in the 19th century who later became the inspiration of the castle in the film Sleeping Beauty.

5.     Reykjavík, Iceland

Here, you can see the annual winter festival that takes place in February. This month, you will see a very spectacular winter celebration. You can try a lot of winter sports, like playing skates in the Thornin pool.

Apart from that, you can also easily find coffee shops and try rúgbrauð, locally made bread. You can also soak in a natural hot spring bath with snowflakes, which is a shame if you miss during the winter holidays.

A winter holiday is very enjoyable especially if you go to the best places for winter holiday. You can come to one of the places mentioned above to have an unforgettable winter holiday. Do not forget to invite your spouse or family so that the winter holidays are more enjoyable.