When taking a vacation to Greece, remember to stop by to the largest islands, Crete. There are many interesting places and activities that people could do and explore. Moreover, their sceneries are beautiful and there are also delicious foods here. Crete is no less beautiful from the other places in Greece. And it is worth it to come and spend time here during the holiday. There are plenty of things on what to do in Crete during the holiday.

Compared to other islands in Greece, Crete is quite big to explore. That means there are more things on what to do in Crete than other places in Greece, right? As people would not have that much time to explore the whole island, so people should choose the perfect activities. So, to shorten the holiday time, here are some activities people should try during on a holiday here.

1. Visit the Seitan Limania Beach

One of the best places to chill and relax is at the beach. Here in Crete, there is a great beautiful clean beach that people could spend. Seitan Limania Beach is the perfect spot to visit. The beach is surrounded by rocky hills which also creates a little caving towards the beach. However, the beach is not that big, so it might be crowded during the holiday season. Moreover, there are no shops on the beach. But for some people, it would be a perfect place to chill and relax.

2. Taste the Delicious Greek Dishes

The next thing on what to do in Crete is to go for a culinary tour. Visiting Greece without tasting the various foods of this place, is not complete. Starting from kalitsounia, Cretan cheese, dakos, and more. The local flavor is different and unique, which makes a perfect reason to try the foods. Remember to use some elasticated pants because people usually would not stop eating here!

3. Explore the Village of Loutro

In Crete, there are many small villages that visitors could visit and explore. One of them is the village of Loutro. People could visit the village by ships or boats only. The village is separated from the island, so it is even more exciting. People could explore the village with many things. Starting from relaxing in the waterfront, eat some fresh seafood, and socialize with the local people.

4. Take a Walk Through the Holy Trinity Monastery

Another thing on what to do in Crete is to take a walk at the Holy Trinity Monastery. After spending a lot of time on the beach, this place is relaxing to visit. Even though it is a cultural place, but the interior and exterior are gorgeous. It feels like being in a movie scene. Moreover, people should take photos of the areas here.

5. Chill at the Rethymno

Besides the Holy Trinity Monastery, people should also spend time in the historic old town, Rethymno. It is also not the beachside of the city. People could walk over the town and explore many great places. Moreover, people should stop by at one of the cafes and chill out with a great atmosphere.

Spending time in Crete is worth the time and money. The place is peaceful, yet calming. Moreover, there are many exciting things about what to do in Crete during the holiday.