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The 5 Best Destinations For Backpacking Trip In The World

One of the things that you should try once in a lifetime is trying to travel backpacking. Having a backpacking trip is so affordable, fun and challenging at the same time. If you are thinking of backpacking, you can try to find out about the best destinations for backpacking trip.

You can experience many different cultures and discover other unique things while backpacking. Moreover, there are many fantastic tourist destinations that you can explore. Here are 5 best destinations for backpacking trip you will not miss:

1.     Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Unawatuna is popular with complete marine tourism because it has beautiful scenery and also has very clear waters. Therefore, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater by diving here.

If you like the exotic atmosphere of the beach, you can visit Unawatuna. Unawatuna is one of the favorite beaches visited by tourists when visiting Sri Lanka. The waves on this beach are also big, so it is suitable for those of you who like surfing.

2.     Kathmandu, Nepal

This country offers many interesting tours, such as nature, culture, history and culinary tourism. Despite offering many attractive tourist attractions, Kathmandu is an inexpensive tourist area. You can choose a backpacker hostel that starts at 300 rupees.

In addition, the price of food here is very cheap and the portions are large. You can eat until you’re full of 80 rupees to 150 rupees. The accommodation is also cheap if you use a city bus, the price is only 25 rupees.

3.     Bogota, Colombia

The South American region is very interesting for you to visit. In addition, the cost of living is also relatively cheap so it is suitable for you as a backpacker. One of the countries of the United States that you must visit is Bogota.

You can live in the area of La Candelaria, which is one of the tourist areas here. This is because you will find many interesting bars and eatery. In addition, you can also easily access many tourist destinations that you can visit if you are in Bogota.

4.     Iceland

If anyone talks that going to Iceland cost a lot, maybe the statements could be wrong. This is because you can still save money if you are here. You can stay in the hostel and the price starts from USD 26. Moreover, you can also eat sandwiches for USD 2.

However, you need to remember that almost all natural tourism activities here are free. You can enjoy all the waterfalls, geothermal areas and places that have beautiful nature for free. If you go here in the winter, you can get a chance to see the beautiful Aurora.

5.     Koh Lanta, Thailand

Thailand is one of the top countries that backpackers often visit. This is because Thailand offers many tourist attractions, various foods, and accommodations at low prices. You can enjoy the beauty of Thailand only with a low budget.

If you are a backpacker to Thailand, you must visit Koh Lanta. This area has a beautiful and quiet beach. You can enjoy the beauty of the quiet beach and try a lifestyle like the Thais. That is why Koh Lanta is one of the best destinations for backpacking trip.

Those are 5 best destinations for backpacking trip that you should know. You certainly can’t wait to visit one of them, right? Now prepare yourself to have a great backpacking trip that you will never forget.

What To Do in Knoxville Tennesse for The Next Holiday Plan

Knoxville Tennesse is probably not a popular destination for holiday. Only certain people who visit this place when they are in Tennesse. Because there are Memphis and Nashville which more interesting. However, you have to spend a day to visit East Tennesse where Knoxville is. It is worth to be on your list. If you are wondering what to do in Knoxville Tennesse, then you need to read this article.

First of all, as your hint, there are lots of buildings inside Knoxville. They are old and full of history. Thus, for those who love to explore the museum and historical places, you won’t be confused about what to do in Knoxville Tennesse. Each building has a story to tell every time you look. More than that, below are the things you should not miss while having a holiday there:

1. Chef’s Table Tour

One thing that always on people’s holiday list is culinary. Whether they taste the local food on the spot or bring home the samples. In Knoxville, you only need less than a day to do chef’s table touring. During the tour, you will be in the adventure of tasting a food sample from local restaurants. Also, the chef and the restaurants’ management will accompany to let you know what’s the story behind.

2. Mural Photo Tour

While you are having the culinary tour, you might also have a mural photo tour at the same time. It is never complete to have a holiday without updating your status on Instagram. Within’ this tour, your photo will be absolutely stunning and awesome. Knoxville loves mural, so whenever you go, your eyes catch the impression of the finest art.

3. Join the Zombie Scavengers Game

Have you ever watched the Zombie Apocalypse movie? Yes, you and your 10 friends will be in an area. Your task is simple, just collect survival items to survive. This game takes 60 minutes and you have to reach 4,000 points to win. Don’t be worry, there is no real zombie here like you have seen before.

4. City Tour

Know more about the Knoxville by having the city tour. There is a cart that you could rent for up to 90 minutes. That time is more than enough to see the local perspective and exploring the other things. The tour is open, so you can set based on your want. There are more than 35 sightseeing spots to visit.

5. Visit Tennessee Theater

As we mentioned at the opening that Knoxville has many buildings inside. One of the most-visited building is the Tennessee Theather. This is the other place to see the local culture. Don’t miss The Knoxville Opera and The Symphony Orchestra here because this is the best place to enjoy the musical show, classic movies, and Broadway show.

If you are lucky and be there at the right time, then you can see the Carnaval along the street. It is not just the people who wear the unique costume, but also the dog and the other pets too. Knoxville is the right place if you want to bring your family. So, there is nothing more doubting about what to do in Knoxville Tennesse. Because this beautiful historical city won’t disappoint your holiday.

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