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Many travel plans are postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. People tend to stay at home and finish their job online. They avoid traveling as possible as they can. It is in line with the government policy to lockdown some places, thus, people can’t freely enter somewhere. However, there are still who need to fly or drive to another place to get done the business. Find out what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus pandemic here.

Besides the passenger is required to do some things, the transportation company also acts health protocol, such as keep the hygiene, body temperature measurement for the staff and passenger, physical distance setting, and of course, a regulation to wear a face mask. Indeed, everything feels stricter since this pandemic went globally. Traveling won’t be the same anymore, so below is what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus situation:

1. Online Check-in

If you have to fly somewhere, use the online check-in feature. It helps you to minimize physical contact with others. Also, it is easier and quicker to get things done. You shouldn’t stand in the line and waiting for the boarding pass. Since everything is digital, online check-in simplifies and protects your trip in this pandemic situation.

2. Exact Plan

It is fun to be random when we are traveling. But that was a long time ago before the coronavirus outbreak happens. Now you can’t get lost in the destination. Before arriving there, you have to plan your trip. What things to do, what time to finish a meeting, where to eat, and many more. The faster you finish your business is better.

3. Backup Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer

As we mentioned before that wearing a face mask is one of the requirements. If you plan to travel for more than one day, you need to bring many masks. Spare one mask for each day. So, for two days business trip should have at least four or five face masks. Don’t use one mask for the whole day. Change it after six up to eight hours use.

4. Vitamin

In this situation, it is important to keep your immune in good level. Bring the vitamins wherever you go. Sickness doesn’t see whether you do an urgent business or just accompany your spouse. Also, don’t forget the medicine if you have a special condition, such as asthma or others.

5. Tumblr or Water Bottle

Not many people think about this stuff. But, actually, it is vital to your health protection and trip convenience. In the middle of the coronavirus issue, you have to keep your personal thing. Never share anything with people, for example, a water bottle. Instead of cleaning the glass, it is more secure to use your own.

Actually, there are still things about what to prepare if you have to travel during coronavirus. Because in this emergency situation, you have to prepare everything very well. We might give you an additional tip which is the contact list. Check your phone and make sure all the important people are there. The reason why you have to easily contact them because you never what happen in your destination during this pandemic.

Top 5 Famous Travel Destinations Shut Down Because Of Corona Around The World

Corona or what is called Covid-19 nowadays becoming a world disaster. This virus is not only spread in China but around the world. There are some famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona. Here are some famous travel destinations shutting down because of this virus around the world.

1. Borobudur Temple

This temple is located in Indonesia. Coronavirus has spread to Indonesia. It makes one of the famous tourist destinations in this country closed for a while. Tourists can only see the beauty of the temple from the park around the temple.

Indonesia tries to lock down all the tourism place not to mention Borobudur. It’s because Borobuddur becomes one of the most visited destinations in Indonesia. Plus, there are a lot of foreigners come to this place just to enjoy the wonder.

2. Taj Mahal

Another famous travel destination shutting down because of this virus id Taj Mahal. Just like Borobudur, the Taj Mahal is also one of the world’s wonder. The beauty and also the history behind it makes everyone wanting to know more about this place. It’s no wonder that this place is always fulled of the crowd.

Coronavirus also happens in India. This is why the government shuts down the Taj Mahal until the virus has gone. At this time, India is lockdown and some famous places are shut down. The government wants not to add much more corona victims because of crowd interaction.

3. The Great Wall In China

China is where this Coronavirus comes from. It’s no wonder that the Great Wall, one of the famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona. Beijing becomes the forbidden city to limit the spread of Coronavirus. That’s why the tourist destinations around here are shut down.

Chinese authorities have shut down the Great Wall and some other popular tourism destinations. There is still no announcement when this place will be opened again. It’s because China becomes the country having the most cases of coronavirus. Besides, this virus is from Wuhan, China itself.

4. Eiffel Tower

If you plan to go to a romantic place nowadays like the Eiffel Tower, you’d better postpone it. You’ll not only find this virus in Asia but also in Europe. This virus has spread across European countries like France. The government shuts down Eiffel Tower as the most visited destination in France.

Just in case to limit the victims of coronavirus, the government has to do this. Moreover, President Emmanuel Macron said that Coronavirus was the biggest health crisis France had known in a century. While searching for the vaccine, shutting down tourism destinations is one way to limit the victims.

5. Kaaba

Saudi Arabia announces the importance of locking down Medina and Mecca. As a result, these tourist destinations has been closed for a while. To limit the victims of Coronavirus, the Holy place like Kaaba has been closed just to keep it sterile.

As we know that many Muslims around the world used to visit Kaaba for praying. However, the Saudi Arabia authorities have to take action fast. It’s because the spread of this virus in Arab goes rapidly.

Every country has its authority to shut down the travel destinations. On the other hand, if you look closer they have the same method to cope with Coronavirus. A lot of famous travel destinations shut down because of Corona.

4 Travel Tips With Dogs That You Need To Know

The dog is one of the cutest animals in the world. Therefore, it is normal that many people like to carry a dog or even travel with a dog. Travel with dogs seems strange and unusual but it is still possible to do because the dog is a docile animal. Although the dog is known as cute and docile animal, we need some tips and tricks when traveling with a dog. We cannot just bring a dog and travel without any preparation. The dog is still an animal that needs special treatment. The following passage will explain about travel tips with dogs that you need to know.

1. Considering The Health Of The Dog

If we want to bring our beloved dog to travel with us, we should make sure that the dog is in good condition. It means that the dog should be healthy without any disease and pain. Besides, we should also keep them healthy and safe during traveling by giving enough nutrition, food, and also vitamin. Besides, we can ask the suggestion from the doctor first before bringing the dog for traveling. we should also bring their need such as their favorite food and snack during traveling.

2. Considering Safety Of The Dogs

Usually, a dog is feeling uncomfortable in the new place for the first time they arrived. However, the dog can adapt several times. Besides, while the dog is feeling uncomfortable, they usually become more aggressive than usual. Therefore, we need to keep the dog safe until they feel comfortable. We need to give more love and accompany the dog as the protection and increase the mood of the dog.

3. Make Sure That The Dog Is comfortable Along The Way

Sometimes, the dog will be happier and comfortable if you are on its side along with traveling. Thus, the dog will feel that it is saved with you wherever you bring it. Hence, it is better for us to sit beside our beloved dog instead of letting the dog behind us. it is also the way to avoid carsickness of the dong along the way. Indeed, you need to more aware if you decide to bring your dog for traveling. you need to understand well about travel tips with dogs.

4. Follow The Rules of The Public Transportation

Traveling is not always by car or motorcycle. There are many kinds of public transportation that are possible to bring us to the destination place. However, if we decide to bring our beloved dog by using public transportation, we should know and follow the rules clearly. If we decide to travel by train, make sure that the dog has enough weight. Moreover, make sure that the dog is healthy enough and free from dangerous diseases such as rabies or others.

Those are the travel tips with dogs that you can apply along the travel time. However, we are the ones who understand our pets clearly. Therefore, we must know every single need of the dog that we must prepare before traveling.

What To Do In Busan For 2 Days, A Wonderful Place In South Korea

If you are a Korean lover, you will be familiar with this city, Busan. Busan is one of the beautiful places in Korea. Even Korea has many beautiful places, Busan is still being a great place to spend a holiday. If you have two days in this beautiful city, can you wonder what to do in Busan for 2 days? I guess that many things we can do in this city. However, we will confuse about how to decide the place that we should visit in Busan. Of course, we will choose the most beautiful and famous places in Busan. Thus, you need some inspiration like the following information.

1. Visiting The Biggest Seafood Market in Korea, Jagalchi Fish Market

There many interesting things which we can see and visit in Busan like the Jagalchi Market. Jagalchi Market is the biggest market of seafood in Korea. We can find any kind of fish with many sizes in this market. This market divided into two parts, inside and outside the market. The inside market is the market building while the outside is the street seller. It is very interesting to visit this market even we just look around and buy nothing. Besides the market, there is a restaurant that sells fish from the Jagalchi Market. You will enjoy the fresh fish in this restaurant.

2. Entertain Yourself in Lotte Department Store Sky Garden

Located next to the Jagalchi Market, the Lotte Department Store is the second biggest department store in Busan. If you wonder about what to do in Busan for 2 days, you must try to visit this department store. It provides a big indoor musical water fountain, great shopping place, sky garden, entertainment facilities, and other interesting places. By visiting the Lotte Department Store, you like visiting the whole area of the city. You will find farm animals, gardens, coffee shops, and others.

3. Having Nature Activities in Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower

If you want to see nature in Busan, you might visit Yongdusan Park in Busan. Indeed, this place provides the panorama of the whole Busan from the top of the mountain. Moreover, you will also see the panorama of the sea in Busan. Nearby Yongdusan Park, there is a Busan Tower which is the best place in Busan. Busan Tower has a wonderful panorama, especially at night. You must visit this place as long as stay in Busan.

4. Visiting Bosu-dong Book Street

If you have read as your hobby, you must visit Bosu-dong Book Street while in Busan. This place is an interesting place for reading any kind of book. There are many coffee stores that provide any kind of book to read in Bosu-dong. Not only the coffee shop, but you might also see the book stores. Therefore, it is easy for you whether you want to buy a book or just read the book in the coffee shop.

Those places can be the best option for what to do in Busan for 2 days. You will not feel bored in Busan eve you spend many days. You will get your nice holiday as long as in Busan.

Relaxing Things On What To Do In Crete You Don’t Want To Miss

When taking a vacation to Greece, remember to stop by to the largest islands, Crete. There are many interesting places and activities that people could do and explore. Moreover, their sceneries are beautiful and there are also delicious foods here. Crete is no less beautiful from the other places in Greece. And it is worth it to come and spend time here during the holiday. There are plenty of things on what to do in Crete during the holiday.

Compared to other islands in Greece, Crete is quite big to explore. That means there are more things on what to do in Crete than other places in Greece, right? As people would not have that much time to explore the whole island, so people should choose the perfect activities. So, to shorten the holiday time, here are some activities people should try during on a holiday here.

1. Visit the Seitan Limania Beach

One of the best places to chill and relax is at the beach. Here in Crete, there is a great beautiful clean beach that people could spend. Seitan Limania Beach is the perfect spot to visit. The beach is surrounded by rocky hills which also creates a little caving towards the beach. However, the beach is not that big, so it might be crowded during the holiday season. Moreover, there are no shops on the beach. But for some people, it would be a perfect place to chill and relax.

2. Taste the Delicious Greek Dishes

The next thing on what to do in Crete is to go for a culinary tour. Visiting Greece without tasting the various foods of this place, is not complete. Starting from kalitsounia, Cretan cheese, dakos, and more. The local flavor is different and unique, which makes a perfect reason to try the foods. Remember to use some elasticated pants because people usually would not stop eating here!

3. Explore the Village of Loutro

In Crete, there are many small villages that visitors could visit and explore. One of them is the village of Loutro. People could visit the village by ships or boats only. The village is separated from the island, so it is even more exciting. People could explore the village with many things. Starting from relaxing in the waterfront, eat some fresh seafood, and socialize with the local people.

4. Take a Walk Through the Holy Trinity Monastery

Another thing on what to do in Crete is to take a walk at the Holy Trinity Monastery. After spending a lot of time on the beach, this place is relaxing to visit. Even though it is a cultural place, but the interior and exterior are gorgeous. It feels like being in a movie scene. Moreover, people should take photos of the areas here.

5. Chill at the Rethymno

Besides the Holy Trinity Monastery, people should also spend time in the historic old town, Rethymno. It is also not the beachside of the city. People could walk over the town and explore many great places. Moreover, people should stop by at one of the cafes and chill out with a great atmosphere.

Spending time in Crete is worth the time and money. The place is peaceful, yet calming. Moreover, there are many exciting things about what to do in Crete during the holiday.

Hidden Gems In Yogyakarta, What A Pity For Not Coming

When you live in a crowded place like the capital city, you should ever wonder to go somewhere else sometimes. It is important for you because you need a fresh atmosphere and also the fresh air to refresh your mind. In Indonesia, there are available one of the quietest city where you can find calmness everywhere. This is is the place where you can find a lot of hidden gems in Yogyakarta.

Hidden gems in yogyakarta

In Yogyakarta, you will find a lot of traditional cultures like traditional transportations, food, and buildings. If most of the foreign tourists usually come to Bali, this can be another place you should visit. You will get a lot of new experience and also the friendliness of the population there. Here we will give you some of the hidden gems in Yogyakarta you should visit!

1. Mesmerizing Place, Goa Jomblang

When you visit Yogyakarta, you will not only get to visit some old buildings like Candi Borobudur. If you searching for other things, the first place you should go is Goa Jomblang. As it is named, Goa is the Javanese language for the cave you will visit mesmerizing cave here. The best time to visit this cave is in the middle of the day during the noon. The sunlight will come into the cave and create an awesome panorama.

2. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo

If you want to try something different from the usual trip, then you should try to visit this one. Gumuk means dune in English and it is the place where you can see the sands around you. You can try to play sand skating here with the local population. Also, this place can be the best place to see the sun goes down and disappear on the horizon. When you get too bored, just enjoy the sea with some coconut water.

3. Pasar Beringharjo

When you come to visit Yogyakarta, the most important thing you should not miss is batik. This is one of the most iconic Indonesian cultures from a long time ago. However, Pasar Beringharjo is the oldest batik market in Yogyakarta and it still holds the tradition. You can choose a lot of different stuff using batik as the basic materials. For example, you can buy clothes, traditional hats, jewelry, or key chain as a memento.

4. Feel a Local on Bamboo Bottle Homestay

If you go to Yogyakarta because you are tired of the crowded and hustle activity in the city, you should try this one. You will get an unforgettable experience while you stay at Bamboo Bottle Homestay. When the night comes, you will hear the natural sound like crickets and frogs singing overnight. Above all, try the Indonesian traditional breakfast here like Gulai Ayam, Nasi Uduk and something else.

Yogyakarta will offer you a lot of unforgettable experiences when you visit it. You can try how it feels to live in small villages with good neighbors. These all we write down here are just small things of hidden gems in Yogyakarta. If you want to know more, just try to visit it as soon as possible because no word can explain Yogyakarta well. 

The 5 Best Road Trip Route In Europe To Add To Your Bucket List

You might have a dream to do a road trip in Europe. This is because Europe has open borders between countries making it easier for you to take a road trip. However, before you do that, you must know about the best road trip route in Europe.

best road trip route in europe

There are many routes to choose from depending on your preferences. You can choose the road trip route in Austria, France, Romania, Germany, and even Iceland. Here is the best road trip route in Europe that you can take into consideration:

1. Verdon Gorge Circuit, France

You can start a road trip from Lorgues and the distance you will travel around 115 miles. Along the way, you will be spoiled with extraordinary beautiful views. However, you will pass some roads that are so sharp although the beginning of the ride is gently rising.

The best time to do this road trip in late spring, late summer, or early autumn. This is because, during the summer, the beautiful canyon can become clogged so you cannot enjoy their beauty.

2. Route One, Iceland

You can see lava fields, waterfalls, hot springs, and also spectacular geysers on this trip. To be able to see it, you can do a road trip through this route and you will surround this beautiful island.

Be careful when you walk along the south coast because the road is rocky and also very bleak. However, don’t worry because you will be able to see the waterfalls on Dettifoss, the whales in Husavik and the hot springs in Myvatn.

3. Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

You will see a very amazing view when doing a road trip on High Alpine Road. There are 37 mountains that you can see when you climb up to 2,500 meters. However, you will also take 36 challenging and sharp turns.

Fortunately, there is much beautiful scenery along the way. There are many flowering and hilly pine landscapes that you can see so the trip is not so stressful. There are also lakes, glaciers, green grasslands, even rocky cliffs that you can see at once.

4. Romantische Strasse, Germany

If you do this road trip you will see a lot of fairytale castles and also old buildings that are very classic. Surely this is very pleasant and very spoils your eyes. However, the distance you have to travel is around 220 miles, which you can start from Würzburg.

The best time to do this road trip is during spring, summer, and autumn. In addition, you should stay a few days to allow you to do sightseeing and enjoy some exciting cities.

5. The Transfagarasan, Romania

You will pass an asphalt road full of tunnels and bridges if you make a road trip through this route. However, you must have an expert driving technique because you will pass some sharp turns.

This route is very famous so no wonder if this route is the best road trip route in Europe. Nicolae Ceausescu, a Romanian communist leader, created this route. Moreover, this route was originally used to escape from the Southern Carpathians via a strategic mountain path.

Now you know the best road trip route in Europe, which you can make as a reference. However, when you do a road trip, make sure you know a lot of information about the route you want to take. Then, you can prepare everything better and do a road trip safely.

Money Management for the Online Slot Player

There is one reality with regards to opening machines – you can’t adjust the turn result in any capacity. The arbitrary number generator inside all space games controls the result of every single turn. There is one thing with regards to betting that you have all out command over – yourself.

Utilizing sound cash the executives techniques you can plan to keep your rewards, limit your misfortunes and expand amusement. This article covers some solid thoughts that you ought to consider before you bet.

The most significant techniques occur before you even pick which game you are going to play. Setting a spending will assist you with leaving with a major bonanza on the off chance that you luck out and maintain a strategic distance from one of the most widely recognized errors that speculators make – playing excessively long and losing what they have won.

Before you play a slot online or any betting game you ought to settle on a session spending plan. This is the way to remaining in charge. When you have settled on a spending you need to adhere to it. A simple method for doing this is to get the accurate sum you need in real money and set aside all types of credit or ATM cards.

This is anything but difficult to do at land based club as you can either leave your Mastercards at home or in the safe in your room. Online it is somewhat harder to do so we recommend making just one store for each gaming session. This implies when the cash runs out you need to separate and accomplish something different.

The measure of your session spending plan has an immediate connection to the games you should play. You need to have at the base 30 to 40 twists on the space you are going to play. For instance it is presumably not a smart thought to play a $5 space with a $20 spending plan. The lower the coin category and wager size you pick the more you will find a good pace.

At the point when you are playing spaces online you are playing with virtual coins so the absolute best systems for land based gambling clubs are more diligently to actualize on the web. While it is by and large prescribed not to play with credits at land based club you must choose between limited options when playing on the web.

With a little exertion the accompanying system can even now be utilized on the web. The “Play through Once” system is very basic. You should simply partition your store by the wager you need to make. When you arrive at the aggregate sum of twists you either quit playing or you change machines relying upon your benefit or misfortune.

For instance you make a $200 store and need to play a machine with a $2 max wager. You at that point make 100 wagers on your machine and quit playing. On the off chance that you are ahead you keep the benefit and either change machines or rehash the procedure. On the off chance that you have lost cash you can change machines or return at some other point.

The most significant system is to take the benefit while you are ahead. Many space players who guarantee that they generally lose just neglect to quit playing when they have in reality won. Recall there is in every case tomorrow to play once more.

What To Do In Prague? Here’s The List For You

For those who are searching for a cultural destination to spend the holiday, visiting the Czech Republic is a nice choice. When it is summer it is not too hot, while it is winter it is not too cold. It just has the perfect weather to spend outdoor. There are many cities that people could enjoy. One of the most famous cities that people often visit in Prague. There are many exciting things about what to do in Prague for a holiday.

what to do in prague

Since there are many activities here, visitors might be confused about deciding where and what to do in Prague. Not only it has many cultural and historical places, but also visitors could enjoy the city view with delicious foods. To know more about the best destinations and activities in Prague, here the most favorite things to do.

1. Visit the Infant Jesus of Prague

One of the most-have-to-do things in Prague is to visit the Infant Jesus. Not only is it a destination for Catholic activity but also for tourist activities as well. People believe that visiting and praying here would make the dreams and hopes come true. However, for those who are not catholic, could still explore the church that has beautiful architecture and historical places.

2. Explore Prague’s Old Town Square

Another thing about what to do in Prague is to explore Prague’s Old Town Square. Visitors could do many things here. Starting for exploring down the streets, try the traditional foods from the restaurants, and also admiring the buildings. There are many things to offer in Old Town Square. Moreover, there are various merchants, musicians, and street performers as well.

3. Going across the Charles Bridge

The next thing visitors must do while in Prague is going across the Charles Bridge. A simple walk through the bridge is memorable and relaxing. The bridge has a beautiful view of the city with a clean river below it. In the past, the bridge was once destroyed by the flood. However, in 1390 Charles IV has rebuilt the bridge again and it is still remaining until now.

4. Enjoy the Prague Castle

Prague Castle is also an activity on what to do in Prague. Visitors would need to pay a ticket for entering this place. However, if visitors only go to the ground part of the castle, it is still free. Every day it has a long line of the queue because people from around the world wanted to see the breath-taking castle.

5. Explore the KGB Museum

Besides the beautiful architecture, there are also several museums that tourists could visit. One of the museums that people should visit and explore is the KGB Museum. Even though it might look small but inside it has many memorable things related to Soviet Union’s polices secrets. Starting from the secret weapons, interrogation equipment, and also spy cameras.

Spending time in Prague is a great thing to do. Not only there are a lot of places that people could visit. But also there are many things about what to do in Prague. Make sure to prepare the vacation well and check the weather prediction as well.

Where to Go for Winter Holiday With Limited Budget

Most people are traveling in Summer or Spring. They love to feel warm and the breeze, also see the blooming flowers. But some others prefer to go out in winter because it is out of peak season. That is why, all become cheaper, affordable, and less-crowd. However, the cost is still a consideration when you decide on a destination. Moreover, when you have to face currency conversion. Thus, we are here giving you a list contains places where to go for winter holiday with a tight budget.

Where to go for winter holiday

Before you go further searching the destinations, you should have the right preparation. It is totally different from your planning in summer travel. One thing for sure, you must pack your jacket, gloves, boots, and scarves. While for the skincare, don’t forget to bring a lip balm, moisturizers, and sunscreen. You might be wondering why sunscreen is necessary. In fact, your skin is still possible penetrated by the UV rays. After all these things are available, now it is your turn to know where to go for winter holiday this year:

1. Warsaw, Poland

Everybody agrees that Poland is the cheapest place to go in winter. Historically, the average cost is about $580 for a round-trip from the United States. You can enjoy many things there, such as visiting the Royal garden of Light, ice skating in Old Town Square, sightseeing the city’s illumination, or relaxing in the heated pools at the Wodny Park.

2. Atlanta, Georgia

If you are looking for a not-so-cold place, then Atlanta could be the option. During winter, the flights are very low from the US cities. The temperature is still okay if you want to do outdoor activities, like walking around in the Botanical Garden and Centennial Olympic Park or tasting culinary at James-Beard-caliber resto. Don’t forget to see the beautiful lights on the holiday.

3. Seattle, Washington

Going to Seattle in the winter would be more affordable compared to the other period. Besides, the flight fares are lower, some holiday events are free. Whether you go to family holiday places or shopping spots. They usually have a special festival for this. Also, people love to sit at the bar or coffee shop with the historical ambiance.

4. Austria

While your friends are flying to Chicago, Boston, and the other North American cities, just drop your hearth to Vienna. Create your ski experience in this holiday destination. Austria gives you an affordable price for a trip too. Whether you take a full day trip or not. Surprisingly, the price is included for meals and ticket entrance.

5. Rome

Rome always has a place in everyone’s heart. Not only its historical experience, for art lovers, Rome is also a great place to go. At the same time, you will get the sensation of a modern city, cutting-edge restaurants, and many other stories. Don’t worry about the food, you are still able to enjoy the culinary.

Those are the options of where to go for winter holiday. Remember, the winter trip needs special handling than the others. Especially, when you have a certain condition, such as asthma, and etc. But, however, winter is a lovely moment to get closer to yourself and your beloved people.

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